Torque Testing

Torque Testing

Our torque testing service gives you the reliability, performance and quality assurance that your buildings vital components are installed safely, competently and ensure it can withstand potential forces and comply with EU building regulations. Our testing capabilities include digital torque adaptors and digital torque wrenches.

Our digital torque wrenches are 2-3 times more accurate than most mechanical torque wrenches, and feature auto-zeroing to avoid resetting the torque after each use.

CIS Torque Testing service provides quality equipment and materials that are proven to perform. Our processes are tried and tested and can be tweaked to specific requests from clients. We offer a reliability that you can trust, and always strive to overdeliver on promises made to our clients.

Our customer service and client engagement is unrivalled and provides confidence that lasts a lifetime

Construction Fixings Association Approved Tester