The Infrared Camera

About the Infrared Camera

Camera Inspection Services (CIS) inspectors use FLIR Systems' Thermal imaging equipment, some of the most advanced infrared inspections systems available.

Precision Temperature Measurement

The Thermal Imaging Camera delivers unmatched temperature measurement accuracy. It has a thermal sensitivity of 0.08°C, giving clear and accurate thermal images for the diagnosis of problems. Such thermal sensitivity records the smallest of temperature variations, giving detailed high-resolution images to include in your final inspection report.

Thermal AND Visual Images

As well as taking High-resolution thermal images, the Thermal imaging camera records normal visual images of the same area with its built-in digital camera. This helps to interpret the thermal image and pinpoint the exact location of any problem. Both images are included in our thermographers' reports to assist maintenance and repair personnel.

Thermal Imaging, also known as Thermography or Infrared Imaging, is the detection and changing of thermal energy from the infrared spectrum of light to the visible spectrum. All matter or anything on earth that contains mass gives out Thermal energy. Unfortunately this energy is completely invisible to the human eye.

A thermographic camera is a device that forms a "heat zone image" using infrared radiation, similar to the way in which a normal camera forms an image using visible light. Special materials such as Germanium or Sapphire crystals are used in the production of lenses for the infrared camera, which accounts for the high cost of the equipment.