The Borescope Camera

Find defects in inaccessible areas

Camera Inspection Services (CIS) inspectors use borescopes to enable inspections of inaccessible areas of buildings without causing damage to the structure. The inspections can detect structural and material damage, and problems caused by faulty building methods. The boroscope camera provides a real-time view of the inspection and allows both video and still image capture for subsequent analysis.

CIS provide independent advice and analysis on all aspects of building problems, including structural defects, damp and moisture problems, mould development, timber decay, pest infestation and building conservation.

A boroscopic inspection camera comprises a small camera on the end of a flexible pipe with a handset and screen that allows the inspection of places that are difficult to access, and to easily and quickly locate defects in building structures, pipework, machinery etc.

The benefits of a boroscopic inspection camera are the amount of time saved in reaching inaccessible areas, and the reduction in costs incurred in dismantling machinery or opening up structures for inspection. Structural defects can be found without causing damage to property.

Borescope cameras can be used under floors; in ceilings; inside wall cavities; roof voids; drains; pipes and flues; chimneys; vents and all types of machinery.