Infrared Thermography Services

Electrical Scans

Effective Preventive Maintenance

Infrared thermography quickly identifies potential problems with electrical circuits before they fail. Regular surveys will reduce unscheduled downtime and avoid catastrophic failure.

Flat Roof Scans

Easy Detection of Roof Leaks

Many of the problems that might exist within a roofing system remain hidden from normal viewing, but can be easily detected by the infrared camera.

Infrared Scans of Mechanical Processes

Early detection of possible component failures

A Mechanical Thermographic Survey will identify failing components which can then be changed in time to avoid costly breakage or interruption to mechanical processes.

Infrared Moisture Scanning

Detection for Damage Prevention

Thermal imaging offers a fast, non-invasive and non-destructive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings.

Building Envelope Scans

Detection of Energy Loss

Thermal Imaging is the perfect tool for building diagnostics. The Infrared Camera can detect structural and thermal deficiencies in concrete walls.