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Electrical & Mechanical Inspections

Effective Preventive Maintenance

Camera Inspection Services can quickly identify potential problems with electrical circuits and mechanical systems before they fail. Regular surveys will reduce unscheduled downtime and avoid catastrophic failure. Infrared scanning of electrical systems and moving machinery is the most effective strategy for preventive maintenance.

Infrared Thermography will uncover any underlying problems, and early detection will enable maintenance technicians to take corrective action before a component fails, minimizing damage to the component and reducing repair costs.

Building Envelope Inspections

Detection of leaks, moisture, energy Loss

Thermal and Boroscopic Imaging are the perfect tools for building diagnostics. Our cameras can detect structural and thermal deficiencies in concrete walls.

Faulty areas are easily located, allowing measures to be taken to prevent condensation and areas of mould growth.

Our cutting-edge technology will help you to improve energy efficiency, leading to substantial savings on energy costs

Moisture Detection

Prevent Damage

Thermal imaging offers a fast, non-invasive and non-destructive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of buildings.

Our inspectors will pinpoint areas of water leakage without disruption to the building structure.

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